Personal Growth

Why do so many of us feel like we can’t control the things that happen to us in our lives? It’s too easy to feel like we are a victim to our circumstances and other people. My goal is to help you discover who you truly are. You will gain confidence and clarity and overcome any feeling of self-doubt in order to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

People and Relationships

Do you have relationships that just aren’t working? Do you run into trouble with your loved ones and find it hard to make things better? Do you get stuck in negative relationship ruts? I will give you the tools and a step-by-step process to help you uncover the hidden judgements and expectations that keep your relationships stuck and unhappy.

Career, Work, Business

Would you like to make more money and feel satisfied in your career? I will help you set goals and craft a step-by-step plan for achieving them. I will help you to crash through your own obstacles to gain access to your greatest strengths. We will develop a clear plan that motivates and inspires you to get the results you’ve always wanted.

The Course That Will Help You Get What You Want

I can tell you exactly why you don’t have everything you want. And more importantly, I can tell you how to get it.

Would you like more success and prosperity in your life? Would you like more loving relationships with the people you care about? Would you like to be healthier, have a lot more energy and be in better physical shape? Would you like more clarity, confidence and inner peace?

I have no doubt you said ‘yes!’ to one or even all of these things. It’s human to always be striving for more; there is always room to improve. Every single one of us wants to be happier and to just simply feel better.

There is one thing that is responsible for improving all these areas. AND that same thing is what is keeping them from you. No, it’s not the economy, it’s not the government, it’s not your other obligations, it’s not other people. The one and only thing keeping you stuck in an unfulfilling life…is you.

Before you get too offended, I want to give you two reasons why this is good news:

1) It’s not really you. It’s your mind. And, fortunately, you are not your mind. By knowing this simple truth, you can learn to learn to become aware of and stop the pattern of self-sabotage and limiting yourself to living a mediocre or unhappy life.

2) You can control your mind. You can change the things that aren’t working for you in your life. You are in charge. You don’t have to wait for the conditions of the outside world to fall into place before getting what you want. You are more powerful than you think.

When I realized that my outer world was a reflection of my inner world, everything changed. I started to see that everything I had and didn’t have was a result of who I was being on the inside and had nothing to do with the circumstances of my life nor the people around me. I was totally getting in my own way of living a better life.

Now I am crystal clear on what I want, why I want it and I know exactly how to get it. Nothing stands in my way anymore.

That’s why I developed this course. I want you to experience the clarity, confidence, and courage to finally live the life you know you deserve to live.

I created this course to guide you through a practical, easy-to-follow and fun process for achieving your goals and getting what you want in your life. I’ve seen the amazing results that come from a few simple mindset shifts.

What Others Are Saying

“I can’t tell you how it feels to be sitting in the same room as you, when you inspired me to reach where I am today. I sat in the front of your workshop last year, and we chatted via email afterwards. Since then, I’ve quit my ‘safe’ office job to work as a support worker with the homeless population in Niagara as they navigate the struggles of addiction and mental health. I have never felt so fulfilled getting up for work. I’ve also launched the Red Box Project fairly recently. These are ideas I had tossed around but never quite had the kick I needed to do what truly makes me happy, until I heard you speak. There is no way to thank you for the impact you had on my soul.”

Hannah Legault Founder Red Box Project

I have attended Hilary’s workshop twice and have been thoroughly impressed with how she presents her information in ways which maximize self-reflections and discussions amongst the workshop participants. She recently facilitated this workshop for 30 women elementary school teachers at ETFO Halton’s 2nd annual Women’s Empowerment Conference. She guides participants to examine personal and leadership qualities and reflect upon their impact on our own lives. The clarity with which she speaks and presents this information is astonishing. I am continually reflecting upon these themes (even months after first attending and participating). Thank you Hilary for sharing a new and refreshing perspective!

Elizabeth Norman ETFO Halton Status of Women Committee Member

Hilary’s infectious energy, knowledge and guidance has made all the difference with my business and for me personally.  She has improved my attitude towards how I run my business and how I push myself to reach my goals.  She makes achieving your goals easy, fun and empowering. I look forward to continuing to work with her and can’t wait to see what she will help me conquer next!!!!

Stacey E.

Thanks Hilary……… it was an educational, reflective and fun afternoon. Your workshop was helpful in every way!…it provided me with a new set of tools… And taught me about the important traits in myself that I can now apply to my everyday life. Hilary’s personal journey provided the audience to always remember .. stay focused, positive, and to shoot for the moon!

Tracy B.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Coaching work in practice?

My coaching practice typically consists of a series of one-on-one sessions usually lasting 60 minutes each. And I always recommend at least 6 weeks with weekly sessions in order to get better more sustainable results. In the first one or two sessions, I will help you decide what your goals are and why, establishing what you hope to achieve through coaching.

Does a Coach tell me what to do?

Absolutely not. Rather, I work with clients to help them discover those things on their own. I am an accountability partner and help develop a timeline and process for when and how my clients accomplish what is most important to them. I help my clients do what they feel called to accomplish. I’m not doing the work for them; I’m greasing the wheels so they can get started doing the work themselves.

How is Coaching different from Therapy?

Coaching tends to focus on the present and future rather than the past. Coaches help people identify their goals and the obstacles they are facing. Like therapy, coaching involves guidance and support but also places a great deal of emphasis on accountability, enabling people to do more than they might on their own.

Are there guarantees with Coaching?

I have both coaching and workshop facilitation experience and have seen many clients experience remarkable results. However, I’m only one part of the equation. The best results are always gained by clients that understand this concept and are prepared to do the work. If you’re prepared to do the work, then there’s a high probability that you will get excellent results.